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Global Missions

Our Missionaries

Hear from Adger & Sandra McKay, one of our supported missionary families serving in Germany!

Christ Community Church Supports Many Missionaries & Organizations Dedicated To Sharing The Gospel Around The World.

African Theological Seminary, ICM Kenya

Mar 22, 2020


Julian & Rachel Bacon

Sam & Katy Barker

Phillip Baron

Pedro & Gabrielle Wetzel Blois

Jeremy & Tamara Boone

Chase & Eli Brouthers

Ron Brunson (Part-Time)

Asaph & Lynn

George Foose

Ed & Vicki Germann

Grace Center Foundation, Ethiopia

Mar 22, 2020

Forrest & Maggie Hoffman

Jan Jones

Eric & Emily Lizarazu

Owen Lovejoy (Part-Time)

Jareb & Amy McClain

Adger & Sandra McKay

Mickey & Marielos McKinney

George & Rhoda McOmwanda

Alex Miller

David & Francie Milligan

Bishop Abraham Nhial

Jared & Kayla Nielson

John & Elizabeth Northrup

Ricky & Jessica

Ron & Linda Robinson

Annelies Rowell